We founded Savvy Foods to bring healthy food with functional mushrooms to the world. If Lion's Mane is being offered as a dietary supplement, why not turn it into a delicious meal?

Savvy Foods is a food for the mind that is easy to put in your backpack and take to work. A set of natural "spares" that adapts to your lifestyle.

Our snacks, oatmeal, and other products on this site are, without exaggeration, elements of the diet of the future. Due to their unique composition, mushrooms are successfully used in the kitchen, science, and medicine. These organisms contain all the biologically valuable components: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and trace elements. A rich vitamin set positively affects the proper functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular, and digestive systems. In times of chronic stress and mental overload, using Lion's Mane and other active mushrooms is a natural activation of our brain.
Mushrooms strengthen blood vessels, remove cholesterol from the blood, and have a high anti-cancer effect.

In addition, we use no flavorings or sugar. The genuine fruiting bodies of the mushrooms are responsible for the bright taste. Because we are not a big corporation that skimps on ingredients, we can afford to do everything for maximum helpfulness.
The mushroom farm
Mushrooms require very delicate growing conditions. Our mushroom farm maintains the perfect level of humidity and light, allowing us to cultivate mushrooms at any time of the year.
We grow our own mushrooms, which we add to Savvy Foods products. You can also buy the highest quality raw materials from us, including Lion's Mane and Shiitake.

The mushroom farm is located in the Muzychi village, Kyiv region. Visit us for a tour with a degustation of the gifts of our region.
To purchase products or to order a tour-tasting, please contact us:

+38 (067) 442-31-52 (Oleg)

+38 (099) 742-69-32 (Vladyslav)

We are waiting for your visit!

In the photo: Savvy Foods Director
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