Booster "Cocoa-Beet-Kerob"
+ Lion's Mane, 100 g

Boosters – energy mixtures that are charged with superfoods and active mushrooms. Use Boosters as a drink, or add them to food to make it much healthier.

Booster with cocoa, beet, kerob and Lion's Mane – your additional source of strength and mental energy for every day.

Cocoa and beet support the cardiovascular system and cognitive function.
Lion's Mane is a natural nootropic that recharges neurons, improves memory, and supports the nervous system during high stress.

Useful properties:
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Accelerates brain activity
  • Increases resistance to external and internal stresses

Methods of cooking:
1. As a drink: brew 1-3 tsp to water or milk 90-100ºС. Add a sweetener if necessary.
2. As a functional seasoning: add to taste to porridges, smoothies, bowls, cocktails.
Tastes best with oat or buckwheat milk.

What's inside: Cocoa powder, kerob powder, sublimated beetroot (powder), grinded nutmeg, grinded cinnamon, chicory inulin, spirulina, lucuma powder, Lion's Mane.
Nutrition value per 100 g of product: 312 kcal, Protein 15.9 g, Fat 6.4 g, Carbohydrates 37.8 g.

Benefits: Brain activity, Improved mood, Strengthens the body, Memory improvement, Concentration, Vegetarians and diabetics.

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