(Boletus edulis)
Porcini mushrooms are known for their flavor and benefits for the whole body, especially muscles. Due to riboflavin, which affects the thyroid gland, these mushrooms help to strengthen hair and improve skin health. During normal functioning of this gland, it produces hormones: thyroxine and triiodothyronine, which, being released directly into the bloodstream, affect all cells and tissues of the body, and regulate the rate of various metabolic processes, thereby affecting the functions of all organs and systems.

Porcini mushroom contains B vitamins; vitamin C – benefits metabolism and immunity; vitamin PP – helps improve metabolic processes and protect skin and hair health; vitamin E – responsible for cell renewal processes and epidermal health; polysaccharides and lecithin.
Interesting fact: porcini were popular in ancient Rome, and now they are part of many dishes in Italy. However, there are restrictions on their collection in the country, so mushroom pickers must buy a special license.

Due to their composition, porcini mushrooms in the diet bring significant benefits to the human body:

  • they help to recover faster after severe illnesses and surgeries;
  • are beneficial for weight loss, as they stimulate metabolic processes;
  • and allow you to get rid of unnecessary fat faster without losing muscle mass and strength;
  • strengthen the immune system and make the body more resistant to viral diseases;
  • help to cope with any inflammation faster.
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