(Cantharellus cibarius)
Chanterelles are the best mushrooms for strengthening the immune system. They are almost never damaged by worms and insects, do not accumulate radioactive substances, treat many diseases, and even help to lose weight.

Chanterelles are very useful because they contain many valuable substances for health: vitamins B1 and B2; vitamin A; ascorbic acid; vitamins E and PP; potassium, sodium, and chlorine; omega-6 and ergosterol; magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium; sulfur; cobalt, manganese, and zinc; iron and fluorine; trametonolic acid.
Interesting fact: California has an annual festival dedicated to chanterelles. The main event of this festival is a competition between chefs to prepare the most original dish from these mushrooms. Chanterelles are also valued in the Norman tradition, which believes that eating these mushrooms increases sexual desire. Chanterelle dishes are must on the groom's wedding menu.

Chanterelles are capable of many things:

  • strengthen the immune system and prevent the onset of colds;
  • improve the functioning of the heart and vascular system;
  • accelerate food digestion and assimilation of medicinal substances;
  • prevent the development of tuberculosis or contribute to its treatment.
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