(Pouteria lucuma)
Lucuma powder is made from a nutritious fruit that grows in Peru, Ecuador, and parts of Bolivia in the Andean valleys. The fruit is naturally dried and ground to make the powder, and it is a natural and healthy sugar substitute with a creme brulee flavor. Lucuma is often used to prepare various dishes and desserts and as a drink sweetener.

Lucuma is a phenomenally healthy fruit. It saturates the body with large doses of iron, which activates the immune system, and increases endurance, and the antioxidants in the fruit protect the body from aging. Lucuma powder is actively used in manufacturing baby food as a sweetener and vitamin energizer.
Lucuma powder is not just a natural alternative to sugar; it enriches the diet with vitamins B1, B2, and B3, calcium, keratin, and fiber.

Interesting fact: lucuma is also called lacuma or lakma, and in English – eggfruit. The common English name comes from the fact that the center of fresh, ripe lucuma fruit resembles the yolk of a boiled egg. The name eggfruit is also used for the fruit of a related species – Pouteria campechiana.
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