(Mentha viridis)
Mint has long been known for its soothing properties. But there are more things it can do! Mint leaves have a vasodilating effect, so they are indicated for hypertension and chronic headaches. Mint-based drinks benefit the heart, cleanse blood vessels and activate the brain – an ideal solution for those with a daily mental load, especially when combined with Lion's Mane

The main component of mint is menthol, which is contained in the plant's essential oil. In addition to essential oil, mint contains other volatile terpenoid oils (limonene, cineole, dipentene), carotene, rutin, ascorbic, ursolic, oleanolic acids, and other trace elements.
Why do we add it to our boosters? The high vitamin C content in mint helps strengthen the immune system and fight off illness. Vitamin A is responsible for normal development, reproductive function, skin and eye health, and immunity. Vitamin B2 is involved in redox reactions, contributing to the visual analyzer's increased color sensitivity and dark adaptation.

Interesting fact: the name of the plant comes from the name of the goddess of ancient Greek mythology, Minta. Minta, the daughter of the river god Coquitus, was a nymph in the underworld. Hades abandoned her and kidnapped Persephone, but Minta never stopped complaining and scolding her rival and was trampled on by her mother, Demeter. Later, garden mint grew on this spot. In Greece, mint was used in funeral rites.
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