Himalayan pink salt
Why is Himalayan salt considered healthier than regular rock salt? The fact is that Himalayan salt already has enough iodine, so there is no need to artificially add a trace element that is important for our body. Salt deposits in the Himalayas were formed in the prehistoric Jurassic period. Pink salt crystals are a natural, unique product without any impurities. That's why the human body absorbs it well without causing harm.

Regular use of pink salt provides the body with all the necessary minerals and trace elements. The body 100% at the cellular level absorbs them without being transformed in the metabolic process.
How to distinguish Himalayan salt? The only difference between Himalayan salt and other types of pink salt is its taste – it has a less pronounced salty flavor. It has a noticeable mineral note in the aftertaste.

Interesting fact: Himalayan salt is millions of years old, and its deposits were formed before India became part of Eurasia when the oceans replaced the Himalayas. That is why Himalayan salt is considered pure because the planet was not polluted at the time of the formation of deposits.
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