(Lentinula edodes)

Shiitake is a beautiful mushroom that has been highly valued in professional cooking for thousands of years. In oriental cuisine, there are many recipes for soups, sauces, condiments, and drinks made from it. For whom will shiitake be indispensable in the first place?

Shiitake – is a champion among vegetarian products in terms of vitamin D content. It is a necessary element for maintaining normal bone, teeth, and muscle functions and the immune system. There is also good news for those with high cholesterol levels: numerous studies show that erythadenine-rich shiitake lowers blood cholesterol levels. People with diabetes can also treat themselves, as shiitake reduces sugar levels and improves natural insulin synthesis.
All this is due to the rich composition of the Japanese mushroom: B vitamins in a wide range of compounds: B1 and B2, B4, B5, B6, B9; ascorbic acid; monosaccharides and disaccharides; magnesium and iron; campesterol; copper and manganese; selenium and zinc; omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids; amino acids: arginine, leucine, lysine, valine, and others.

An interesting fact: Shiitake is one of the most cultivated mushrooms in the world, and it is produced in the amount of ~900 thousand tons per year.

For all people, the health benefits of shiitake mushrooms are very diverse:

  • they have a beneficial effect on almost all body systems;
  • strengthen immune resistance and make the body more resistant to viruses;
  • protect the heart system from the development of dangerous diseases and thus prolong life;
  • have a beneficial effect on the skin and help to delay the aging process;
  • help to increase overall endurance.
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