(Hypsizygus tessulatus)
Shimeji is one of the leading products of East Asian cuisine, and they are most popular in Japan and are preferred over other oyster mushrooms. Shimeji has become popular not only because of its delightful taste but also because of its many beneficial properties due to its composition.

Shimeji mushrooms are rich in iron, potassium, and copper. Among the vitamins, the content of vitamin D and B2 is incredibly high. In addition to amino acids, mushrooms contain lecithin, which prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the body and can therefore strengthen the cardiovascular system.
An interesting fact: in the Japanese tradition of sumo wrestlers, they prepare a soup called tiankonabe. The recipe is secret, and one of the important ingredients of this soup is shimeji mushrooms.

The benefits of shimeji are hard to overestimate:

  • they have a beneficial effect on the body, support the immune system, and improve brain function;
  • prevent fatigue, help with prolonged depression and chronic fatigue; the beneficial properties of these mushrooms in the fight against various oncological diseases are known;
  • consumption of shimeji is a good prevention of obesity, allergies, asthma, and diabetes.
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