(Avena sativa)
Most of us have heard or know directly about the phenomenal benefits of oatmeal for the human body. Oatmeal contains essential elements for the body, including fiber, protein compounds, fatty and organic acids, and carbohydrates. It contains vitamins B, K, E, A, and PP, as well as iodine, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, sulfur and other trace elements. Such an impressive list makes oatmeal an almost universal product.

These trace elements have a positive effect on all body functions. The digestive, heart, kidneys, liver, and respiratory systems receive special bonuses.
Interesting fact: oats came to the UK from Rome, and since the XII century, the British have been so fond of oatmeal that it has become their national dish.

To make oatmeal, oats are dried, ground, and steamed. Under the influence of hot steam, they become softer, reducing the cooking time for porridge. At the same time, this processing allows us to preserve all the beneficial properties of the grain.
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